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From hummus ‘sunsets’ to the real deal in Hawaii

Published Friday June 24

Photo: Jweekly

When he was a cafe operator and caterer in the Bay Area, chef Shai Yerlick often used turmeric and paprika to “paint” sunsets over enormous platters of hummus.

Now he works in full view of adorable sunsets every day.

On the western side of the Large Island of H.I. he and his wife, Trina, are the owners and operators of the Lilikoi Inn, a bed-and-breakfast and estate farm. “Lilikoi” is the Hawaiian word for passion fruit, which grows abundantly on their house (and which guests are welcome to pick).

In 2007, the couple chucked it all and made the move to the Large Island.

The menagerie also includes a pot-bellied pig named “Kosher.”

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