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Gilman Street underpass: For many, the poster child of Berkeley homeless camps

Published Wednesday June 29

Photo: Berkeleyside

Wed Jun 29 at 14:53 by Frances Dinkelspiel

Bood’s home is a blue tarp on Eastshore Fwy the frontage road right by the Gilman Street underpass. At 37, he’s been living on the streets for a few years, driven there by a break-up with a long-time girlfriend.

Bood scavenges for a living. He makes the rounds in Berkeley and El Cerrito looking for tossed food (a lot of people throw away food from Trader Joe’s, he said) and discarded clothing he can sell to Buffalo Exchange and other consignment stores. The area around his tarp reflects the way he makes a living: There are folding chairs, rugs, candles and flashlights, among other items.

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