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People Behaving Badly: DMV Pop Quiz

Published Wednesday July 27

EL CERRITO —Hey how you doing. I’m over here at DMV in city of El Cerritos and I have my trusty iPad here and we’re going to do some called PBB pop quiz.

What that means is we’re going to give some people the test that is on the DMV, but I also added a few trick questions to see how people do.

“Two sets of double yellow lines 2 ft. apart means?” I asked.

“You can cross them….there’s no double yellow lines 2 ft. across,” the male driver said.

“How long you been driving?” Roberts asked.

“Let me see,” the driver said.

While he’s thinking about that, let’s look at some other people.

When you see 2 sets of double yellow lines to or more ft. apart that means hurry up and cross valid or false?” I asked.

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